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Track and Field Team Faces Tough Competition at TSU Relays

The North American University (NAU) Stallion Track and Field Team recently showcased their talent at the 72nd Texas Southern University (TSU) Relays held in Houston, Texas on March 15th and 16th. Despite facing stiff competition and battling the post-Spring Break blues, the team demonstrated resilience and determination, setting the stage for a promising outdoor track season.

In the jumping events, Michael Baylock impressed with a commendable performance, securing 6th place out of 18 competitors in the long jump category with a leap of 22 feet 1.50 inches. Anaya Owens also displayed her skills, landing 6th out of 7 participants in the women's long jump with a distance of 14 feet 3.25 inches. However, Jordan Zimmerle faced tough competition, finishing 18th out of 18 athletes in the long jump event with a distance of 16 feet 4.25 inches.

Moving on to the running events, Jessie Adams represented NAU admirably, claiming the 14th spot out of 42 runners in the men's 100 meters dash, clocking in at 11.29 seconds. In the same event, Joushua Willaims finished 29th with a time of 11.73 seconds. Joshua Williams showcased his speed in the men's 200 meters dash, securing 28th place out of 34 participants with a time of 24.34 seconds.   

For the women's running events, Chinesele Adkins demonstrated her sprinting prowess, finishing 14th out of 23 competitors in the 100 meters dash with a time of 13.02 seconds. Her teammate, Dorienn Lewis-Bell, closely followed, securing the 15th position with a time of 13.15 seconds. In the women's 200 meters dash, Dorienn Lewis-Bell maintained her form, finishing 21st out of 33 runners with a time of 27.54 seconds. Chinesele Adkins, Anaya Owens, Ashley Ogbonna, and Niya Lewis also contributed to the team's efforts in the 200 meters dash.

In the grueling 400 meters event, Lydiana Styles led the charge for NAU, claiming the 9th position out of 19 competitors with a time of 1:03.58 seconds. Anaya Owens followed closely behind, securing 12th place with a time of 1:05.41 seconds. Lauren Brown and Niya Lewis also showcased their determination in the 400 meters dash.

Lydiana Styles further demonstrated her endurance in the 800 meters run, finishing 15th out of 22 participants with a time of 2:34.30 seconds. Additionally, the women's team participated in the 4x100 meters relay, securing the 8th position out of 9 teams with a time of 51.52 seconds.

Although the results may not have met the team's expectations, they remain focused on their goals, continuing to train diligently for upcoming events. With the PVAMU Relays on the horizon, the NAU Stallion Track and Field Team is poised to bounce back stronger, embodying the spirit of perseverance and excellence.


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