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Tiauna Buchanan Signs with NAU

Coach L.D. Merriweather and I, Coach J.C. Jackson, are ecstatic to announce that Tiauna Buchanan has signed to become the next North American Lady Stallion Sprinter. At her signing ceremony, the best college admissions recruiters, Mr. Jacob Greer and department head Donald Gary from North American University, were in attendance to witness the momentous occasion.

Tiauna comes from a very strong family that supports her and expects big things. Her mother and grandmother are pillars in their communities, actively involved in service to humanity through their Eastern Star Lodges. This strong foundation has undoubtedly played a crucial role in shaping Tiauna's character and determination.

A Sprinting Sensation Joins the Stallions

Tiauna Buchanan's high school track career at Killeen Harker Heights has been nothing short of remarkable. Her senior year, in particular, showcased her speed, teamwork, and resilience across multiple events.

200 Meters

Tiauna's individual prowess was on full display in the 200 meters:

  • Feb 22, Prairie View Relays: She clocked in at 26.70 seconds, securing a 7th place finish.

  • Mar 2, Belton Denise Petter Big Red Relays: Improving her time to 26.80 seconds, she finished 4th in a highly competitive field.

  • Mar 22, Brownwood Bluebonnet Relays: Tiauna set her personal record (PR) for the season with an impressive 26.24 seconds, finishing 4th and marking herself as a top contender.

4x100 Meter Relay

Tiauna's contributions to her relay teams were just as significant:

  • Feb 22, Prairie Relays: Running alongside Samarah Johnson, Kaymora LaBeach, and Nia Brown, Tiauna's team finished 2nd with a time of 49.42 seconds.

  • Mar 22, Brownwood Bluebonnet Relays: The team continued their strong performance, securing another 2nd place finish with a slightly faster time of 49.44 seconds.

  • Mar 28, Heath Hawk Relays: They achieved their best time of the season, 49.09 seconds, earning yet another 2nd place finish and solidifying their status as one of the top relay teams.

4x200 Meter Relay

The 4x200 meter relay was another area where Tiauna shined:

  • Feb 16, Midway Panther Relays: Teaming up with Kaymora LaBeach, Ajadah Taylor, and Samarah Johnson, they claimed 1st place with a time of 1:43.04.

  • Feb 22, Prairie Relays: With a slightly different team composition (Jada Hood, Tiauna Buchanan, Kaymora LaBeach, Jaiden King), they secured another victory, clocking in at 1:47.25.

  • Mar 22, Brownwood Bluebonnet Relays: Returning to the top spot, Tiauna's team (Jada Hood, Nia Brown, Tiauna Buchanan, Tyana Hymes) finished first with a time of 1:43.71.

  • Apr 22, UIL 6A Region II & Wheelchair: The team (Mia Griffin, Samarah Johnson, Tiauna Buchanan, Nia Brown) posted their best time of the season, 1:40.96, finishing 7th and later clocking 1:43.10 to secure 6th place in the final.

4x400 Meter Relay

In the grueling 4x400 meter relay, Tiauna demonstrated endurance and tenacity:

  • Apr 22, UIL 6A Region II & Wheelchair: Running with Treasure Bethea, Samarah Johnson, and Mia Griffin, the team placed 10th with a time of 3:57.84, showcasing their determination and team spirit.

Future Prospects

Tiauna Buchanan's high school track career has been a testament to her dedication and talent. Her ability to excel in individual sprints and contribute significantly to her relay teams highlights her versatility and commitment. As she transitions to collegiate athletics, she is expected to continue breaking records and achieving new heights.

A Word from Tiauna

Reflecting on her season, Tiauna said, "This year has been amazing. The support from my teammates and coaches has been incredible, and I'm proud of what we've accomplished together. I'm looking forward to taking my talents to the next level and continuing to grow as an athlete."


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