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Nick's Notes: UIL looking at controversial issues

Well another high school season is in the books. Congratulations to all East Texas High Schools teams for completing a great and wild season in all sports. Now we have a small lull in high school sports until August when we start up again.

Now is the time when the UIL have meetings to consider old and new items for high schools in Texas. I have seen some of the things on the agenda and to be honest I am kind of disturbed by a few things. The idea of allowing boys to play girls volleyball is idiotic, these girls work hard in volleyball and should not have to deal with boys playing on their team. Let the boys have their own volleyball teams (which is on the agenda too). Of course if you have boys volleyball then you have to come up with another girls sport to keep everything equal. Maybe in the larger cities boys volleyball might work where they have other girls teams like Lacrosse.

Another item being considered is to not allow coaches to coach their children at the schools they coach. Again not a fan of this. It would hurt smaller schools. Yes over my 45 years of high school sports I have seen some coaches that have their children on the team and I have seen it be unfair, but for the most part I believe most coaches treat their children as part of the team and not put them over other athletes who might be better.

A proposed item is also to prohibit cheerleaders at basketball games. Why, I don’t get it unless safety could be a factor in the close confines of a gym, but I have been a broadcaster for nearly 40 years and can only count on one hand where an accident or incident has occurred. Not allowing cheerleaders at basketball games takes away from supporting their schools and have fans get into the game with supporting cheerleaders.


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