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Nick's Notes: TASO's Three Strike Policy

I am sure most people have heard about the new rules that have come down from the UIL and TASO regarding how officials will be treated going forward. As a fan, you have a right to voice to support your team. Spectators have now taken this to new heights where officials are now threatened if someone doesn’t agree with their calls. Spectators have a right to voice their displeasure over a call but should never disrespect or threaten an official in a sporting event. This becomes more evident in gyms where fans can be heard more clearly. 

You must remember these officials are humans just like you and I and they make mistakes. They study hard and attend classes and clinics to make sure they are prepared for the games they call. Remember these officials are part-time, they have other jobs, they do this because they enjoy it and want to make a little extra money for their families. We have a real shortage of officials these days due to how they are treated by spectators. Nobody wants to be abused for something they enjoy doing. How would you like to be belittled and abused at work because of a mistake you made? 

I have been an official in the past and understand what they go through. I have been a Public Address announcer for 38 years and I have to admit it has gotten worse over the past few years. I have seen more parents escorted out of gyms in the last few years than ever before. It’s bad when a school district has to assign a deputy to stand in front of a spectator because of that spectator's actions. Certain schools are notorious for their fans and how they act and behave. 

One school that I have heard about is already on strike one. I am seeing school districts issuing statements regarding these actions. It is your duty and responsibility to act accordingly and teach younger people how to act towards officials. These adults are setting bad examples for their young students to follow. I would hate to see a school not have spectators at sporting events or worse not have officials to officiate these sporting events due to the actions of a small group of fans.


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