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Nick's Notes: The dog days of summer baseball

Anybody who knows me understands what a huge fan of baseball I am. I cut my teeth doing public address announcing for high school baseball. I watch the game as much as possible. I have been watching quite a bit of pro baseball lately mostly because the Texas Rangers are doing so good this season. I am old school baseball, so when I was watching some games this weekend I really noticed how players are wearing uniforms these days.

I saw several players who baseball pants were above their knees almost like long shorts with very long socks. This is not the middle 70's Chicago White Sox's when they wore actual shorts and untucked jersey's. It only lasted a season. My Dad had one of the uniforms worn by then Manager Paul Richards. But to see how uniforms are worn today above the knee just doesn't look good or professional. Also I noticed several young pitches wearing their hats on the mound tilted to one side. Again it does not look professional. Just my opinions, as I said I am old school baseball.


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