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Nick's Notes: TASO instrumental in new Texas law protecting officials

The TASO Legislative Team was active in assisting to bring HB 2484 into law. Special thanks to Texas House Representative Ryan Guillen (House District 31) and State Senator Morgan LaMantia (Senate District 27) for sponsoring this pro-sports official legislation. If a sports official is assaulted by a spectator at a UIL sports event, the school district MUST restrict the spectator from attending future UIL athletic contests for a period from one to five years.

According to some reports, over 50,000 officials across multiple sports left their posts.

Head boys basketball coach of the Shelbyville Dragons Colton Wager said, "I think that’s a great idea but I also think they need to implement more appeal rules for coaches to hold the officals more accountable as well." In basketball, a coach is forced to stay seated for the rest of the game if a technical foul is given to them, "Right now, even if a coach is in the right, there is almost no chance to win an appeal with the UIL when there is a report filed for an ejection," Wager concluded.


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