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Nick's Notes: A pitch regarding pitch clocks

I am a huge fan of baseball on all levels. I broke into announcing high school baseball games at the beginning of my broadcasting career. I played high school and college baseball and was even drafted out of high school. I have been intrigued by the pitch clock in the MLB and college baseball this year. The game moves faster and the downtime has been cut down dramatically.

I would suggest that high school baseball look at pitch clocks going forward. If you are going to have them in college, then why not get high school pitchers ready for it? I was a fast timing pitcher and never had problems taking too much time on the mound. I have called plenty of games this year when pitchers are slow because either they are not comfortable with the pitch called or they don’t trust their coach or catcher for the pitch called.

A 20 second pitch clock in high school would be fair. I had games this year for 7 innings that took nearly 3 hours to play. That's ridiculous. You already have high school pitchers on pitch counts, so install the pitch clock as well. Speed up high school games and get players who believe they can play at the next level ready for it now.


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