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Network takes great leap, due to broadcast major car show

The Antler Sports Network has created a great reputation off of broadcasting basketball, football and other sports. But what would a car show broadcast look like? Well that question will be answered at 9:00 AM on Saturday June 10th, as the ASN will be doing a full broadcast of the 2023 Jacksonville Tomato Fest Car & Truck Show with our partners: East Texas Locals.

"It's something that has really begun to set in as of late. Not too many broadcasters can say they've done a football state championship and a major car show," network founder Jared Jones said. "It makes you get out of your comfort zone not only as a broadcaster but as a businessman. You're out of your typical niche of a press box or a curtsied table. It gives the network a chance to pull off something that I feel hasn't been done outside of the big-money organizations. I look forward to delivering a high-quality broadcast as usual!"

The broadcast can be viewed on all video platforms, including on the East Texas Locals official Facebook page. When awards are given, viewers who have the ASN Mobile App can also vote on their favorite car or truck for the Broadcaster's Choice Award. Links to the app and broadcast are attached below:

Mobile App Apple:


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